Josh Gears, 6-10am
Joash Gears, Mornings on Q100.7

Scott Evans, morning co-host
Scott Evans, Mornings Q100.7

"Hi, it's Josh Gears, your morning host. I love watching automobile auctions on one of the many vast cable channels in the universe. Can’t afford any of these cars, but I like living vicariously through those who do! I also try to read every magazine I’m subscribed to; but since my wife and I have a new baby, that pile is getting bigger and bigger. I’d also like to state that I’m an experienced skydiver… but that would be stretching the truth a bit, since I am afraid of heights."




"Hey there, I’m Scott Evans, Josh Gears’ on-air partner! My favorite type of music is probably categorized as “Hot AC”.  I’m a huge Maroon 5, Rob Thomas and Sting fan. My original goal was to be a professional drummer, which I did for a while.  But I realized I like the music business but didn’t like the life of a traveling musician.  So, I’m one of the only people who got into radio for the “security and stability”. Thanks for listening".

Stan Phillips, 10am-2pm
Stan Phillips

"Hello, Stan Phillips here! Born and raised in Northeast PA, where there truly are four seasons of weather (though all seem to come with more clouds than other places), I wanted to do behind-the-scenes TV, but fell in love with radio the second I set foot in my college station.  Fighting it was hopeless.  I’ll be celebrating my 30th anniversary on the mic this year.  It’s still lots of fun, I love helping others get through the workday.    Thank you for letting me do that!".


Robin Keith, Afternoons 2-6PM
Robin Keith, afternoons on Q100.7

"I got my start in radio in 1983, nervously cueing up a record at the campus radio station of Biola University in southern California . Since then, I've been all over the radio dial: in California, upstate South Carolina and here in my home state, beautiful east Tennessee. I love interacting with listeners with giveaways, requests and just goofing off. I always want to encourage listeners to have a great day and make a difference in the community! I live in Morristown, TN and am married to my beautiful wife Paula (I call her Goldie). We have 2 daughters. We have a wienie dog named Frazier. I love the Tennessee Vols, golf, playing the guitar and piano, reading, movies...and I'm constantly in search of the perfect hamburger!".

Robin is also a professional videographer who has been the videographer of many weddings, corporate videos, commercials and television segments (see

Email Robin at

Bobbi Maxwell, evenings
Bobbi Maxwell, evenings on Q100.7

"Hi, I’m Bobbi Maxwell. I grew up in a family of 11! My dad was a home builder, so we moved quite a bit. Family has always been important, and my sibs and I stay very close. I have 2 beautiful, talented daughters who have just started their careers in nursing and finance. I'm a newlywed!! My husband, Steve is my sounding board and best friend! My furry friends are a yellow Lab (Marley) and Mane coon cat (Kit Kat). I love shopping, gardening, concerts, sporting events, dinner with friends, and SLEEP! I'm blessed!".

Mike Parsons, Nights
Mike Parsons, nights on Q100.7

"Hey, Mike Parsons here!  I’m married to the amazing Joy Parsons who teaches 4th grade and I have 3 wonderful kids ranging in age from 13-24.  I also have 3 dogs that were all adopted from shelters that I love ALMOST as much as my kids.  I’m in to Indie Film, hiking with my family and dogs, and being outdoors.  I am a huge U2 fan and also like Maroon 5, Train and Sheryl Crow.  I still love older artists like Elton John, Journey and Prince.".

Chuck Whitaker, overnights
Chuck Whitaker, overnights on Q100.7

"Chuck Whitaker here! Born and raised in the Augusta, GA area! I’m passionate about everything outdoors, especially being around the water. I love swimming, kayaking, bicycling, hiking and of course spending time with family & friends.  My favorite things are happy dogs, kids playing, football, banana pudding…okay, I’m getting hungry. Favorite music: I like it all from Sinatra to Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars and everything in between. I’ve always said “there’s only two kinds of music, good and bad.”.


















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